Twin City Barnstormers

Twin City Barnstormers offers airplane rides and flight training in a World War Two Stearman Biplane out of historic Stanton Airfield, less than one hour south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.



Where Are You Located?

Twin City Barnstormers operates out of Historic Stanton Airfield - 1235 Hwy 19, Stanton, MN, 55018.  This is less than an hour drive south of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled flight for a safety and operations briefing. There will be time for photos afterwards.

How do I Schedule My Flight?  

When you Book Your Time Travel we will send you a receipt that serves as your Boarding Pass. Email us at to schedule your flight, providing your name and Boarding Pass number.  We will try to accommodate your schedule as best as we can, but please remember this sightseeing operation in an open cockpit biplane is highly weather dependent.  In other words, we want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience.  Warm temps, light winds, and good visibility - those are the ingredients for maximum fun.  Please be flexible!  As your flight draws near we will be in touch.  If the weather causes a postponement we will reschedule you.

How do I Buy a Gift Certificate and Book the Flight?  


Simple!  When you Book Your Time Travel a pop-up form will ask if this is a gift.  We will create a personalized gift certificate with the recipient's name and a short message, and we'll send it and all confirmation emails to you.  In other words, we will not contact the recipient and ruin your surprise!  The certificate instructs the recipient to contact us for scheduling his or her ride. (Note: per Minnesota Law gift certificates do not expire; however, if not redeemed within one year of purchase an additional fuel surcharge may apply.)

Can I Purchase Add-Ons or Upgrade my Tour Package on the day of my flight?  

Yes!  We are equipped to handle credit card purchases on site via our mobile app.  You will be emailed an additional receipt. (We accept VISA, American Express, Master Card, and Discover Card)

Is it Safe?  

Absolutely!  The Stearman Biplane is maintained above and beyond FAA standards, and only highly qualified ex-military or commercial instructor pilots are ever at the controls.  Plus, this is a sightseeing ride ... so we only fly when the weather is nice! 

What Should I Wear?

Dress comfortably, understanding this is an Open Cockpit flying experience.  Your front seat is very sheltered from the wind; however, sometimes the temperature drops a tad as we gain altitude.  A good rule of thumb is to imagine how you would dress if driving a convertible or riding a motorcycle to the airport that day.  

Are There Any Age or Weight Restrictions?  

Generally no ... as long as some common sense is applied.  You must be tall enough to see, light enough to allow the airplane to get off the ground (under 300 pounds), and mobile enough to climb into the front seat.  This includes MOST people but not all.  Please Contact Us if you are unsure, or if you require more information. (Note, we will try our best to accommodate passengers with disabilities, but please keep in mind that some mild climbing abilities are required to get in and out of the front seat.)

Can I Take Pictures?

Of course!  After all, this flight is all about investing in a memory. Take as many pictures as you'd like, before, during, and after the flight. However, we do recommend you keep your camera strapped to your wrist if able (Twin City Barnstormers will not be responsible for dropped cameras or cell phones.)     

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