Twin City Barnstormers

Twin City Barnstormers offers airplane rides and flight training in a World War Two Stearman Biplane out of historic Stanton Airfield, less than one hour south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.


EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF TIME TRAVEL… in a vintage 1941 Boeing Stearman - A WWII Training Aircraft
We fly out of Historic Stanton Airfield - A WWII Training Base

Stanton, MN is less than an hour drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul AND Rochester, conveniently located between Northfield and Cannon Falls

"A fantastic ride! Exhilarating!" (from Mr. Peltier a retired pilot on his 80th birthday)

"A fantastic ride! Exhilarating!"
(from Mr. Peltier a retired pilot on his 80th birthday)

This is REAL flying like you’ve never known before:

When you climb aboard this beautifully crafted machine of history …When you hear the great radial engine come to life in a burst of oily smoke  …

When you feel the rush of air wash over you from the giant wooden prop …

You will completely forget you’re in the 21st century

Imagine it's the 1940's and you're a student pilot, training at Historic Stanton Airfield.  It's your first flight. The instructor is at the controls - this initial ride is strictly for fun.  There’s no pressure.  That comes later.

Now you can can experience the thrill, anxiety, joy, and a whole mix of other emotions those pilot candidates felt when learning to fly.  The only emotion we can’t duplicate is the raw fear of knowing what lies at the end of pilot training … an assignment to somewhere in the Pacific or European theaters of war.

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