Twin City Barnstormers

Twin City Barnstormers offers airplane rides and flight training in a World War Two Stearman Biplane out of historic Stanton Airfield, less than one hour south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.


stearman takeoff.jpg
stearman takeoff.jpg



Extend your time airborne or enhance your flight experience.  

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Contact Us to create a Custom Flight Package, or see some of our standard Add-On features below. (Specify which Add-On(s) you'd like when you show up to fly.)

1.) Military Closed Pattern - Return to the airport traffic pattern in Military Style.  You’ll fly up ‘Initial’ for the overhead break, enter an aggressive left-banking turn to the downwind leg, and then make spiral dive for the runway.  It’s safe and thrilling all at once.  And it’s how the military arrives to keep away from the enemy’s guns on the ground.  ($20)

2.) High Speed/Low Approach - Just as you’re about to touchdown for landing your pilot will pour on the coals and charge down the runway just a few feet off the ground.  You’ll gain speed for an aggressive pull-up at the end, making a climbing 180-degree turn to the downwind leg.  This is a fun way to add a thrilling exclamation point to the end of an enjoyable biplane ride.  ($20)

3.) Touch ‘N Go - This is how pilots practice landings, doing a bunch in a short amount of time.  You’ll touch down on the main wheels, holding the tail off the ground as full power is reapplied.  And then you’ll pick up speed to climb away for another traffic pattern, and another landing.  In other words, you’ll Touch and then Go.  ($20 per pattern)

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