Twin City Barnstormers

Twin City Barnstormers offers airplane rides and flight training in a World War Two Stearman Biplane out of historic Stanton Airfield, less than one hour south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.

SPIN Training! (For pilots only)

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Build Confidence in Your Flying!

Loss of Control Inflight (LOCI) is the #1 Killer of GA Pilots.  Guard yourself against the life-threatening STALL/SPIN crash by training in the same airplane that taught our WWII aviators… a 1941 Boeing Stearman.  

(Note: The skills you’ll learn in the Stearman have direct crossover to your own GA airplane, and you’ll come away a safer and more confident pilot.)

“This program makes the theory of spin entry, spin recovery, and spin avoidance a real and memorable experience” [Rob A. from Rochester]

Your instructor pilot, Jeff, teaches spin recovery techniques to future instructor pilots at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  This is a required endorsement for the CFI check ride.  However, Jeff recognized significant value in this training for ALL PILOTS, and he has tailored his MNSU course for the Stearman.  

Course includes:

  • Ground School (Aerodynamics Review and Stearman Procedures)

  • Multiple Induced Spins and Recoveries

  • Spins and Recoveries from Cross-Controlled Stalls (the real danger)

  • Spin Onset Recoveries (the real survival technique)

  • Forward Slipping Turns (learn how to slip safely)


BASIC PACKAGE: 2 Hours of Ground Instruction; 1 Hour  of STEARMAN Flight Instruction $499

MUSCLE MEMORY PACKAGE: 2 Hours of Ground Instruction; 3 Hours of STEARMAN Flight Instruction (2 or 3 flights) $1299

To schedule your spin training, CALL or Email us here :

(612) 223-5086

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